Inside Sources at DC Police confirm type of gun used in Seth Rich Murder

The Seth Rich Murder investigation has been a swinging pendulum of back and forth with almost no evidence coming out over almost a year later, This is unheard of in a murder investigation.

The last few weeks we have started to see cracks in the dam, and today as with another crack maybe the dam will break free and bust open.

According to an inside source at DC Police specifically concerning evidence, bullets are being held in evidence that were pulled from Seth Rich the night of the murder. This inside source also said many officers from the top to the bottom have resigned or quit over ethics in this case.

The source claims the bullets are the same type used in a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun, like the one the FBI lost, misplaced, etc right before the murder.

The source was confirmed by getting a department email, viewing their credentials, and calling a DC Police Dept telephone to have a conversation. Unlike some of the leaks in the past this one checks out and is air tight.

Stay tuned for more on this breaking story we will bring you more as it develops.