Leaked DC Police Report Shows Seth Rich described his attacker(s) & more

More leaked information is coming out on the Seth Rich murder, In the last 2 hours we see a document(s) DOCUMENT.


Some are already trying to call the report fake, Unlike documents and leaks from earlier today this one has a clear report number, RCT has reached out via the public information officer of the DC Police to confirm if this is a valid police report.

The leaker of the FBI Memo earlier in the day @Whysprtech listed the above source as one of the outlets they would be sending documents too. We also received an email but were unable to open the attachment, We have reached back out to the source to request the key needed to open the file.

A quick call as well to DC Police earned us “we couldn’t say even if we wanted to” and “contact the public information officer on Tuesday.

There are also rumbling in DC from sources that say one or more of these sources may be offered immunity and that official congressional inquiries may be getting started. One thing is for sure once tuesday gets here and offices open, Things could get very interesting.