Sean Hannity Fired Next Week?

According to sources within Fox News confirmed by Joe Biggs at BAM, Sean Hannity believes he will be fired next week.

hannity image

This comes after the purge at Fox News of Bill O’Reilly and other reporters for

This could be the final nail in the coffin for Fox News should the decide to fire Hannity. What is this all about and why would they fire Mr. Hannity?

The issue comes from Mr.Hannity covering the Seth Rich story, a investigative reporter by the name of Malia Zimmerman published a story on information relating to Seth Rich laptop. A private investigator confirmed that information, Confidential sources at the FBI also corroborated the story.  But according to sources in Fox News we personally spoke with editors decided to pull the story due to pressure from outside sources and the SKYNEWS Merger.

According to sources at Fox they wanted the story to go away, It was affecting the merger and they did not want any issues from the British Government with the merger.


After speaking with 4 separate sources at Fox News I believe this to be true. Sadly it looks like Fox News is more concerned about a Merger and Money than being Fair and Balanced. The Firing of Sean Hannity would be a great mistake and maybe the higher ups at Fox News are believing this now too. Time will tell.

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