Hazmat Team Called To Disneyland After Guests Hit With Poop

Things took a turn for the worse at Disneyland on Friday night when 17 park-goers were hit with poop. The happiest place on Earth quickly turned into the crappiest place on Earth.

It was first reported that human feces were thrown at the people, however authorities determined that fowl play was involved because it was actually goose poop. The situation was so extremely dire that people called for the Anaheim Police Department to get involved.

The Shitstorm saw 11 adults and 6 children hit.

Maybe the terrorists are right. Maybe our culture is too privileged, too soft, and too pampered, or maybe just snowflake liberals when we call the police after a bird poops on us.


Comey confesses to having friend leak memo to N.Y. Times.

(FOX NEWS) Former FBI director James Comey testifies before the Senate Intel Committee on his conversations with President Trump.

What do you think about the revelation that the former FBI Director was leaking info to the press?

London ‘terror attack’: Everything we know about major incident in London Bridge, Vauxhall and Borough Market (UPDATE)

Major alert as car attack, gunfire and stabbings reported at three locations across the capital

It is believed there are three separate incidents at London Bridge, Borough Market and Vauxhall involving a car attack, gunfire and alleged stabbings.

Armed police placed London Bridge on lockdown, while officers raced to the scene of reported stabbings in Borough Market and a further incident Vauxhall.

Five or six people are believed to have been mowed down by a white van on the bridge just before 10.30pm on Saturday evening.

Witnesses who were enjoying nights out in pubs and bars in the area were warned to barricade themselves indoors, while people on the streets surrounding London Bridge began to run for their lives.

Multiple stabbings are believed to have been carried out inside the Southwark Tavern and on Southwark Street near Borough Market.

Officials have warned people to avoid the area and London Bridge station has been closed.

Terrifying footage from the scene showed police vehicles surrounding the bridge while officers shout “Clear the scene now!”

Will Heaven, who was in an Uber passing London Bridge minutes after the incident, told Sky News: “It was about 10 past 10. I was in the back of an Uber cab driving south over London Bridge.

“Suddenly on the left hand side on the bridge there was somebody down on the pavement with a small crowd around them, clearly concerned. I thought someone had collapsed.

“We drove a little further over the bridge. There was another person in the road itself. The penny dropped that something quite serious was happening.

“The traffic came to a standstill. The Uber driver said something bad is happening here. We could hear sirens coming.

“A driver of a black cab said there has been a terrorist attack. They saw there were numerous people in the road. A second cab driver said there has been a series of stabbings”.


Holly Jones, a BBC reporter at the bridge when the incident happened, said a van had swerved off the road into a crowd of pedestrians.

“A white van driver came speeding – probably about 50mph – veered of the road into the crowds of people who were walking along the pavement,” she told BBC News.

“He swerved right round me and then hit about five or six people. He hit about two people in front of me and then three behind.

I’d say there are about four severely injured people. They all have paramedics assisting them at the moment.”

A group of people at a pub nearby told BBC News that they have been told to stay inside and described people “running everywhere”.

The group said the incident seemed to be on the south side of London Bridge and that they had seen police escorting people away from the scene.

Another passer-by who witnessed the aftermath of the incident, told BBC News it was “pandemonium” as crowds made their way down Southwark Street away from the scene.

He said: “I started to see dozens of people walking and running away, clearly distraught. Mostly young people, many of them in tears.

“Men walking in an almost zombiefied state, in shock.

“It appears there was a stabbing at the same time. There were gun shots, people heard multiple gun shots, at least 12 shots.

“I’ve spoken to multiple witnesses who said they have seen at least three people lying on the ground.”

According to reports, the emergency response time was just two minutes.

Another witness Giovanni told BBC News: “I was walking towards London Bridge with my friends after leaving a pub.

“My friends started running. I heard my friend say: ‘What’s happening, what’s happening, there are people on the ground. Everything looks so awful.’

“My friend said ‘there is a van, there is a van.’

“We thought maybe there was a fight or something outside. And then there were almost hundreds of people coming inside.

“The bouncers did a really good job, they shut the doors and locked everyone in.

“There was panic – it seemed like it was literally outside the door.

“People were coming inside and saying they had witnessed people being stabbed.

“They had seen and witnessed people being stabbed.

“It seemed like it was happening immediately outside the entrance.”

There are reports of a number of casualties as a result of an incident that possibly involved a vehicle and a knife in London Bridge, British Transport Police said.

    Inside Sources at DC Police confirm type of gun used in Seth Rich Murder

    The Seth Rich Murder investigation has been a swinging pendulum of back and forth with almost no evidence coming out over almost a year later, This is unheard of in a murder investigation.

    The last few weeks we have started to see cracks in the dam, and today as with another crack maybe the dam will break free and bust open.

    According to an inside source at DC Police specifically concerning evidence, bullets are being held in evidence that were pulled from Seth Rich the night of the murder. This inside source also said many officers from the top to the bottom have resigned or quit over ethics in this case.

    The source claims the bullets are the same type used in a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun, like the one the FBI lost, misplaced, etc right before the murder.

    The source was confirmed by getting a department email, viewing their credentials, and calling a DC Police Dept telephone to have a conversation. Unlike some of the leaks in the past this one checks out and is air tight.

    Stay tuned for more on this breaking story we will bring you more as it develops.

    German festival Rock am Ring evacuates audiences following terrorist threat

    One of Germany’s largest rock festivals, Rock am Ring, was forced to evacuate its audience Friday following a terrorist threat. The festival shared the announcement on Facebook, asking 80,000 attendees “to leave the festival site in a calm and controlled manner toward the exits and camping grounds.”

    In a statement, the Rhineland-Palatinate police based in Koblenz, Germany, said they encountered a “possible terrorist threat” and could not share further details during the investigation. Organizers hope the festival can go forward as planned Saturday.

    The evacuation comes just 11 days after a suicide bomber detonated a homemade explosive in the Manchester Arena in England following a Ariana Grande concert. As an immediate response to the Manchester attack, venue security and police departments across Europe bolstered their security teams. London’s Metropolitan Police Service have stationed “highly visible reassurance patrols around key locations,” according to a statement, and Rock am Ring’s organizers also positioned 1,200 security personnel in advance of the festival.

    Mic has reached out to the festival for more information and will update this post if we hear back.

    Google allowing spying on you at home. Chrome bug that lets sites secretly record you ‘not a flaw’, Google insists 

    There’s a Google Chrome “bug” (depending on who you ask) that allows sites to surreptitiously record audio and visual, all without an indicator light.

    As BleepingComputer reports, AOL web developer Ran Bar-Zik discovered the issue – which Google says is not a security vulnerability – while at work, when he was dealing with a website that ran WebRTC code.

    WebRTC is a protocol for streaming audio and video content over the internet in real time via peer-to-peer connections.

    On the “this is not a security bug” side of the coin, a user first has to grant a site permission before it can access audio and video. After a site receives permission to stream audio and visual, it can run JavaScript code that records audio or video content before it sends the content to other participants of an WebRTC stream, as Bar-Zik’s bug report explains.

    The thing is, the JavaScript doesn’t have to run in the same tab as where the permission was granted. It can record on a separate tab that doesn’t display the graphical red dot that indicates that WebRTC is recording. Thus, after permission is given, the site can listen to the user whenever it – or a hacker – wants to.

    Th recording process is done via the JavaScript-based MediaRecorder API, according to BleepingComputer.

    Bar-Zik reported the issue and heard back from Google on the same day. Its argument was that the red circle and dot recording icon aren’t present in all versions of Chrome, so the real way to defend against an attack would be in the permissions popup. Google’s take on it:

    This isn’t really a security vulnerability – for example, WebRTC on a mobile device shows no indicator at all in the browser. The dot is a best-first effort that only works on desktop when we have chrome UI space available. That being said, we are looking at ways to improve this situation.

    Bar-Zik doesn’t buy it. He says that it would be pretty easy to trick a victim who’s suffering from “I’m not reading another pop-up, I’ll just click OK” permissions fatigue.

    “Real-world attacks aren’t going to be very obvious,” he told BleepingComputer. From the writeup:

    o’s suffering from “I’m not reading another pop-up, I’ll just click OK” permissions fatigue.

    “Real-world attacks aren’t going to be very obvious,” he told BleepingComputer. From the writeup:

    For example, Bar-Zik argues that an attacker could use very small popups to launch the attack code. This code can use the camera for a millisecond to take a user’s picture, or for hours, recording the user’s movements or nearby audio.

    If the user doesn’t notice the popup in his toolbar, there’s no visual indicator to cue him that someone is accessing his audio and video components. One of the sneakiest scenarios would be if the attacker disguised the popup as a mundane ad. If the user doesn’t immediately close the ad’s popup, an attacker remains with an surveillance channel opened on the user’s PC.

    An attacker wouldn’t even have to create a website to steal the recording permission, he said. Rather, they could exploit a cross-site scripting (XSS) flaw – also known as one of the web attacks that refuse to die – on legitimate websites that have already been granted audio and video access.

    Bug? Not bug? You can decide for yourself: Bar-Zik has put up a harmless demo that asks you for permission, launches a popup when you click OK, records 20 seconds of audio, and provides a download link for the recorded file.

    The proof-of-concept code is also available for download here.

    Lawsuit to force D.C. police to turn over information in Seth Rich murder filed

    An Arlington-based legal investigative unit filed a lawsuit Wednesday seeking to force D.C. police to turn over information gathered in last year’s fatal shooting of Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich.

    The Profiling Project, headed by lobbyist and lawyer Jack Burkman, along with law students at George Washington University, filed the suit in D.C. Superior Court in hopes it can gain access to surveillance video from a camera at the Flagler Market, near where Rich was killed; the D.C. Medical Examiner’s report on the death; and the forensic ballistic report.

    As part of the lawsuit, Burkman is asking that D.C. police release the information within 10 days. Named as defendants in the lawsuit are Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) and D.C. Attorney General Karl A. Racine.

    Accused hacker Kim Dotcom says he will testify that murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich passed documents to Wikileaks

    Tech mogul and accused fraudster Kim Dotcom is seeking to cut a deal with the U.S. Department of Justice in exchange for his verbal testimony claiming that slain Democratic staffer Seth Rich leaked DNC emails to Wikileaks last summer.

    Dotcom – the Mega-upload founder and New Zealand resident who is facing fraud and racketeering charges in the United States – offered to meet with the U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller on Tuesday. He claims to have evidence that Rich, not the Russian government, was behind the DNC email leak last summer.

    Dotcom has yet to provide evidence of his allegations, which are fueling internet theories that Rich’s unsolved shooting death in Washington, D.C. last July may have been a political assassination. Police believe the 27-year-old was likely killed during an armed robbery gone wrong.

    Dotcom is asking the feds to promise not to detain him if he travels to the United States to give testimony about Rich. He is currently facing U.S. extradition from his home in New Zealand on a litany of unrelated charges, including copyright infringement and money laundering.

    Dotcom is concerned that, should he travel to the United States voluntarily, he would be arrested and detained in custody on the current counts on which he has been indicted,’ wrote his lawyers in the letter to Mueller.

    The internet mogul is asking for a deal that ‘include[s] arrangements for his safe passage from New Zealand and return.’

    The Department of Justice did not respond to request for comment on the letter.

    Mueller was recently appointed to investigate allegations of Russian government interference in the presidential election. U.S. intelligence agencies say Russia hacked the DNC servers last summer and handed over the internal emails to Wikileaks.

    Although Dotcom’s assertions about Rich have drawn international attention – and support from Fox News host Sean Hannity – the internet mogul has provided few details on his sensational story.

    Dotcom attorney said he has no plans to release more information to the public.

    Basically holding evidence or supposed evidence hostage and keeping justice for Seth Rich in the Dark.  Kim if you really have anything it’s time to bring it to the light.

    Kathy Griffin fired by CNN Breaking news

    Finally…. Someone in the Main Steam Media is being held back accountable.

    Kathy Griffin got herself into hot water when she took pictures and video cutting off the fake head of a mock President Trump.

    (We are not showing the photos in question as it disrespects the office if the president, and it’s no better than sharing ISIS photos.)

    Kathy Griffin who helps host New year’s Eve on CNN apologized for the pictures.

    Stay tuned for more Breaking News on this story.